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Session description

The problem

Drupal is by default, a component-based system. Everything is in place for a Frontend developer to work in a component way, but yet we almost never completely do.

In the world of frontend, everything works with components. But when we plug our frontend logic in to Drupal, all of our marvels of writing components are lost. This is due to just a few limitations within Drupal (and also in our way of thinking as frontend Drupal developers):

  • We write component-based Sass, yet we compile all of our CSS in to one file.

  • We write component-specific JS, yet we load each line of JS on every page.

  • We have Drupal libraries api, yet we put all of our assets in to one global library.

  • We all are theming the output of the same Drupal modules, yet we are unable to share our solutions between each other.

  • We make beautiful things project-specific styled components, yet we can't plug it in to another project.

  • We all love Drupal because of it's open source collaboration, yet the collaboration seems to stop when we talk about the frontend components or tools within our theming setup.


The solution

Compony is the bridge between the component nature of Drupal and modern Frontend. It does this with flexibility and demanding a component-based thinking from developers.

Compony is a combination of an open-source customised theme-structure, an open-sourced Gulp-setup and a platform to share our components.

Interested to see how that would look? Come by and experience the last Drupal Theme you’ll ever want to use.

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