Effective Web Writing and Content Structure

Session description

Welcome to an inspiring journey, from neuropsychology and web writing tips to best-practice content management.

Clear communication is the primary success factor of all websites. In this talk, you will learn the core aspects of web writing and content structure, and how your CMS can help you organize and improve the way you work and communicate. Using the right approach, you can write up to 30% faster and be safe in the knowledge that your readers understand you.

On the web, every second matter. At the end of the session, you will know why readers are 70% faster when you write well, use a clear structure, and give the right visual clues. 

This presentation will affect everything you write—even your emails and reports.

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About the speaker

Portrait of Mathias Bolt Lesniak
About me

I live outside of Oslo, Norway, with my Kiwi wife and two kids. I am a member of the TYPO3 Association Board and have an interest in cross-CMS collaboration, open source, international community building, and web writing. My day job is at Pixelant, where I work with sales, project management, and much more. I am a certified TYPO3 integrator, consultant, and editor.