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Balazs, a Drupal Globetrotter visited over 15 different countries in the last few years because of Drupal. He had the opportunity to get in contact with many local Drupal communities, helping them to shape their contribution activities and now is time to summarize why he loves Drupal and the people around it!


He will cover the following events, his experiences, what does he do in the Drupal community and how it shapes him to be a better person, an open-minded and friendly Globetrotter in Drupal:

- DrupalCamp Vienna 2015, Vienna, Austria

- Drupal Developer Days 2016 - Milan, Italy

- DrupalCamp Antwerp 2017 - Antwerp, Belgium

- DrupalCamp Ruhr 2018 - Essen, Germany

- Drupal Developer Days 2018 - Lisbon, Portugal

- Drupal Europe 2018 - Darmstadt, Germany

- DrupalCamp Oslo 2018 - Oslo, Norway

- CMS Garden Unconference and Secure Open Source day 2018 - Essen, Germany

- DrupalCamp London 2019 - London, United Kingdom

- Drupal MountainCamp 2019 - Davos, Switzerland

- DrupalCon Seattle 2019 - Seattle, United States

- Secure Open Source day 2019/1 - Haarlem, Netherlands

- DrupalCamp Belarus 2019 - Minsk, Belarus

- DrupalCamp Kyiv 2019 - Kyiv, Ukraine

- Drupal Developer Days 2019 - Cluj-Napoca, Romania

- Design4Drupal 2019 - Boston, United States

- Decoupled Days 2019 - New York City, United States

- DrupalCamp Pannonia 2019 - Palic, Serbia


This session is all about amazing people, whom Balazs met in his journey, the memories that he brings with him to newer places, the transformation period when he started to travel because of 'there is another Drupal event, gotta be there!' philosophy to the present when he re-visits Oslo after an awesome 2018 camp!

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