Casestudy: Creating an administration system for classes and seminars with Drupal

Session description

In our case study we will present a large and relatively complex system for administrating classes and seminars. The customer provides classes across different areas of competence in the Norwegian health sector. The aim of the training is for employees in the municipals health and care services to acquire up-to-date specialist knowledge.

We will look at a two part system consisting of:

  • Registreringsdatabasen: A backend system for providers to share learning materials, for facilitator to arrange classes and seminars, for group leaders to register attendance for their respective groups and much, much more!
  • Portalen: A dashboard like site for participants with relevant learning materials, updates on new seminars and classes.. and much, much more!


Presenters: Alf Harald Sælevik, Ny Media og Silje Langseth Grundstad, Ny Media

Session time

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