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The past, present and future of Drupal Commerce

The Drupal community has been building eCommerce websites for over 10 years, using native solutions such as Ubercart and Drupal Commerce.  Over 60 000 websites use Drupal Commerce to power their stores today, 9 000 of which are already on Drupal 8. With over 500 contributors and over 1400 people in the #commerce Drupal Slack channel, we represent a healthy, ever growing part of the community.

Come see a brief overview of Commerce history, current capabilities, and future plans. Learn how we are tackling headless, open source business models, Drupal 9. See how you can help.




Gutenberg: Case studies and best practises

See how Gutenberg empowers content authors in Barnekreftforeningen, Unicef and Nordic Innovation.

  • Block by block walk through: We'll share why and how they were built, and what we learnt in the process.
  • We'll also discuss when it's better to not use Gutenberg, and how to combine it with Drupal's own block system. 
  • And of course: we'll showcase the latest and greatest functionality.


The future of Drupal theming?

What if you don't need to decouple, to have some fun?

What if you could make your CSS and JS over 90% more lean, with just a slice of opinion?

What if you didn't had to struggle with your next Gulp-setup?

What if the theming layer, is actually in your way?

What if someone is going to tell you about a cutting-edge native Drupal frontend alternative?


Would you come?


Lørdag 05.10.2019


Effective Web Writing and Content Structure

Welcome to an inspiring journey, from neuropsychology and web writing tips to best-practice content management.

Clear communication is the primary success factor of all websites. In this talk, you will learn the core aspects of web writing and content structure, and how your CMS can help you organize and improve the way you work and communicate. Using the right approach, you can write up to 30% faster and be safe in the knowledge that your readers understand you.

On the web, every second matter. At the end of the session, you will know why readers are 70% faster when you write well, use a clear structure, and give the right visual clues. 

This presentation will affect everything you write—even your emails and reports.


Casestudy: Creating an administration system for classes and seminars with Drupal

In our case study we will present a large and relatively complex system for administrating classes and seminars. The customer provides classes across different areas of competence in the Norwegian health sector. The aim of the training is for employees in the municipals health and care services to acquire up-to-date specialist knowledge.

We will look at a two part system consisting of:

  • Registreringsdatabasen: A backend system for providers to share learning materials, for facilitator to arrange classes and seminars, for group leaders to register attendance for their respective groups and much, much more!
  • Portalen: A dashboard like site for participants with relevant learning materials, updates on new seminars and classes.. and much, much more!


Presenters: Alf Harald Sælevik, Ny Media og Silje Langseth Grundstad, Ny Media


CSS custom properties: benefit from the future of CSS today

What are CSS custom properties (aka CSS variables) and why are they useful in general? How can we utilize them in Drupal themes in order to have a customizable color palette?

All of you might have already heard about CSS custom properties but haven’t used because they aren’t compatible with all of the commonly used browsers. This isn’t the case anymore. The number of browsers with support for it is higher today and we also have workarounds for browsers that still haven’t implemented this feature. Why not start using its benefits in our Drupal themes already?

In this session you will hear about:

  • CSS properties syntax and how they work

  • how to override colors from Drupal theme settings,

  • how to set up your Gulp task to handle CSS custom properties,

  • and some code samples for all the above :)



Drupal Globetrotting

Balazs, a Drupal Globetrotter visited over 15 different countries in the last few years because of Drupal. He had the opportunity to get in contact with many local Drupal communities, helping them to shape their contribution activities and now is time to summarize why he loves Drupal and the people around it!


He will cover the following events, his experiences, what does he do in the Drupal community and how it shapes him to be a better person, an open-minded and friendly Globetrotter in Drupal:

- DrupalCamp Vienna 2015, Vienna, Austria

- Drupal Developer Days 2016 - Milan, Italy

- DrupalCamp Antwerp 2017 - Antwerp, Belgium

- DrupalCamp Ruhr 2018 - Essen, Germany

- Drupal Developer Days 2018 - Lisbon, Portugal

- Drupal Europe 2018 - Darmstadt, Germany

- DrupalCamp Oslo 2018 - Oslo, Norway

- CMS Garden Unconference and Secure Open Source day 2018 - Essen, Germany

- DrupalCamp London 2019 - London, United Kingdom

- Drupal MountainCamp 2019 - Davos, Switzerland

- DrupalCon Seattle 2019 - Seattle, United States

- Secure Open Source day 2019/1 - Haarlem, Netherlands

- DrupalCamp Belarus 2019 - Minsk, Belarus

- DrupalCamp Kyiv 2019 - Kyiv, Ukraine

- Drupal Developer Days 2019 - Cluj-Napoca, Romania

- Design4Drupal 2019 - Boston, United States

- Decoupled Days 2019 - New York City, United States

- DrupalCamp Pannonia 2019 - Palic, Serbia


This session is all about amazing people, whom Balazs met in his journey, the memories that he brings with him to newer places, the transformation period when he started to travel because of 'there is another Drupal event, gotta be there!' philosophy to the present when he re-visits Oslo after an awesome 2018 camp!


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